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Featuring the artwork of Johan Tieldow.


Forever People is proud to present the first of a new series of solo adventure gamebooks written in the style of Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf. Heavily influenced by writers like Joe Dever, Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone and Dave Morris, this is book 1 in the planned Woven Paths series and first of the Scythe-Bearer Trilogy.


Welcome to the magical world of Yarnia where you become the Scythe-Bearer, a disenfranchised farmhand who find themselves thrust into the middle of a dark and sinister mystery. As hero of the story, you must embark on a perilous quest to rescue your young brother from a coven of marauding witches and the grotesque monsters that serve them.


Featuring the unique Woven Paths game system, 530+ pages and 650 paragraph entries to explore, Malice From the Middle Vale brings the old school feel of gamebooks like Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Steve Jackson's Sorcery! epics to a new and exciting setting.

Bleak, gritty and hugely enjoyable, Strange Aeon takes you into a world of desolation, unspeakable monsters, monolithic alien cities and scavenging ruins.


Doctor Who meets Silent Hill meets H P Lovecraft in a roleplaying game quite precisely unlike anything you've ever experienced ever before.


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