Forever People have been creating RPGs and support material for GMs and gamers since 1998! Contrary to popular belief, our name is not derived from the famouse superhero comic but on the name of a Bristol game store (which we guess was probably inspired by the comic!) We are a very small UK company based on the southwest coast of Cornwall and we specialise in quirky, unusual and different styles of gaming.

We write great horror and great fantasy, so writing a dark fantasy seemed like the obvious thing to do! Wyrd is the result -

a three year project, drawing on all our experience as gamers, artists and writers to produce one of the most detailed fantasy worlds you'll ever experience.


We're immensely pleased with Wyrd and feel proud to call this an exclusive Forever People title...



The terrifying world of H P Lovecraft as you've never experienced it before!


A complete roleplay experience, with an in-built system and campaign setting. The 340 page GM version includes a full bestiary, monster cards, advice on creating your own adventures, plus three pre-generated adventure scenarios! A truly unique and playable game for fans of Cthonian horror.