A Forever People favourite, One Session Dungeons are system agnostic, meaning you can use them with D&D as readily as you can use them with GURPS, Runequest, Warhammer FRP or any other popular fantasy RPG. Each title offers a simple premise: a dungeon crawl designed to take you and your players one session to complete.


Each title includes a fully printable battle map, a plot hook/story and a complete key. Minor preparation will likely be required to adapt each dungeon to your own campaign and your own game system, but these are likely to be minor.


"A perfect collection for emergencies, when you've no time or inclination to prepare something for the next session."


"This is a handy little map. It's a good size for a 4-5 hour session once you dump some traps, encounters, and a little imagination into it."

Sessions 11 to 15: The Red Wing Dragon Enigma



Sessions 11 to 15 can either be played individually over the course of five sessions, each as a seperate and unconnected adventure, or they can be combined to produce an ongoing scenario in which each adventure leads on from the previous title.

Sessions One to Ten: The Archived Sessions ($9.98)


From the Barrow Mound to the Fastness of Daymair Keep, Sessions one to ten provide ten unique and isolated dungeon crawls to amuse your players, each designed to last no more than a single short game session of one or two hours.