This is Lovecraft's quintessential strange aeon.


1985, seven years after The Event. People are a dying breed. The world now belongs to a bestiary of terrifying cosmic entities, deathless monsters and the ubiquitous Morbus mists. Corpse cities loom against the horizon, vast and monolithic, their black structures a mockery of the human ruins that now litter the surface of the Earth. Natural life in every form is gradually fading as the world crosses irretrievably into an uncanny dimension and a strange new aeon.


Take on the part of a human survivor in the aftermath of a devastating mythos apocalypse. Inspired by the timeless works of H P Lovecraft, Strange Aeon blends horror with survival action and time travel, resulting in a truly unique experience and an adventure you'll never forget.


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Includes cut out and assemble battle cards, enemy cards and three adventures to kick start your campaign.


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Free player edition (online only)


Take a look at Strange Aeon lite, a free player edition, only 46 pages long and containing just the information players will need in order to roll up characters and play the game. Includes combat rules and a guide to writing playable character backgrounds.


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A massive 340+ page edition for the Game Keeper (GM) only. Features guides to help you set up and start your game, plus extensive adventures, location keys, adventure writing guides, 70+ monster showcards and endless advice, tips and help designed to keep the onus of running a game fun and hassle-free. This is the vastly reduced price but PDF only version of the print book.


Strange Aeon Game Keeper Visual Aids


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