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You are the Scythe-Bearer, once a simple farm hand who could only dream of a life of adventure, you are now an adventurer in the mysterious realm of Yarnia, thrust into a world of deadly perils, ruthless enemies and dangerous landscapes.


Do you have what it takes to fulfill your quest and rescue your kidnapped brother? Can you defeat the terrible Irgin Crones and their dark masters in Gungingeth? And will you survive the secret depths of the dungeon known as the Vallorn Road?


Weave your own path through this deeply imagined setting of high fantasy and discover the unique world of Yarnia for yourself!



The Story Herder's Adventure Companion is a handy reference and aid accompanying the Scythe-Bearer trilogy.


Featuring larger character sheets, bigger maps with more detail and a bunch of unique extras, this A4 format 32 page booklet is an essential must-have for readers of Woven Paths.