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4 Page Character Sheet PDF

Free full colour A4 character sheets for you to download and use at your leisure.


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Nemesis of the Nin Witch is the second book in the Scythe-Bearer trilogy, coming to Kickstarter this April! Never you mind if you’ve missed the first--the road to Kickstarter is a treacherous trail and we could use the company of a few good adventurers like yourself.


Let the Adventure Begin...


These next few weeks will have YOU taking on the role of our young Scythe-Bearer, adventuring across the world of Yarnia in several play-throughs to get you caught up and ready for our next tale. For our pages, we’ll be going through a somewhat annotated version of the original story with simple choices made by you, our readers. The adventure takes place in the land of Ereth, but more specifically it takes place on the Woven Paths Facebook page. Follow the link below to join in...


Click here to Play


Note: the link will take you away from the Forever People page. You will need a Facebook account




Behind the Curtain?


Oh don’t mind her, that’s just Brittani-Pearl. She’ll be taking on the role of the wizened narrator & GM who will be judging..we mean…*guiding* your choices throughout the adventure. Gandalf, if Gandalf had a ponytail and unicorn leggings.


Tweaks to Combat


As you may know, the normal combat rules go thusly:


- Roll d6 to determine the active characteristic for this round (1 = Deft & Dexterity, 2 = Force & Form, 3 = Mind & Memory, 4 = Sense & Sympathy, 5 = Luck & Lottery and 6 = Energy & Endurance).


- Next, roll 2d6 for the combat roll and add this to the Scythe-Bearer's 'active characteristic', then roll 2d6 again and add this to the enemy's 'active characteristic'.


- For our online version, no rolls are made except the initial d6 to determine the active characteristic. If the Scythe-Bearer's score is greater than, or equal to, the enemy's score, the Scythe-Bearer wins the round. If the enemy's score is greater, the enemy wins.


Double 1 and double 6 are omitted in favour of the 'draw to win' rule.


Conditional Effects will still apply, and weapons equipped to the active characteristic will still boost the 'adjust value' in the usual way.


Making Choices


It's a democracy! We'll use polls. The majority vote decides how the adventure proceeds. 


In the comments section be sure to get firmly in character and tell us why you voted the way you did. Your reasoning might influence others to vote with you. If you feel strongly about a certain option path, be sure to get vocal!


Goes Without Saying...


- The play-through is intended to be fun and friendly. Please keep comments relevant and friendly (no politics, no religion). If you disagree with the direction of a vote, no problem. Maybe next time things will go your way.


- Britanni-Pearl is our GM (Gamesmaster) and she's in charge of the ride. Most decisions will be based on polls and dice rolls but if an adjudication decision is required, all due respect to the great GM (bow, bow, grovel).


Character Creation


Below you'll find a link to the free PDF character sheets as they appear in the book. If you want to follow along with character generation, stat-jotting and equipment gathering please do so. The more eyes on the character sheet the less chance of missing something vital. The game system is designed to be both tactical and challenging, providing the shrewd gamer with options to really focus on buffed stats. So if you have a particular buff in mind you'll need to make your thoughts known in the comments.