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Introducing the Crimson Scribe, a gamebook writing and illustrating competition for budding authors/ artists who would like to see their work published.


As part of Forever People's bid to bring the gamebook genre to a wider audience, we're offering you a chance to prove your worth as a gamebook officionado. Whether you dream of writing gamebooks or have a burning ambition to illustrate them, this is the contest you don't want to miss.


If you wish to enter please check the information below, read the instructions for entry here and then send us an application form. This is a simple process which will enter you officially into the contest. Thereafter you'll receive a contest pack explaining how everything works.



THE PRIZES (Writers)


All entrants - you will receive an honourable mention in a final published 'monograph'.


Semi Finalists and Finalists - publication in the monograph which will be made available through literary distributors Lulu, Amazon, Ingram Sparks and other online outlets. A free PDF will also be available to download at Drive Thru Fiction.


Winner - a £50 Forbidden Planet voucher, plus your story featured as the cover on the monograph (full colour illustration and credit). In addition your story will appear, fully illustrated, in pride of place at the front of the publication!


THE PRIZES (Artists)


All entries - honourable mention in the final published monograph.


Qualifying artists and semi-finalists - publication in the monograph supporting all stories.


Winner - the winner will receive a £50 Forbidden Planet voucher and credit on the monograph front cover (i.e. Featuring the Artwork of...).


THE VOTING (Writers)


Voting for Round 1 will be decided by peers within the gamebook fan community.


The top four winners of Round One will be asked to present the next 100 paragraphs in their ongoing story and a panel of respected industry judges (see above) will confer on their choice of two for the final round.


Two finalists will be asked to present the final 100 paragraphs in their ongoing story and the judging panel will then decide an overall winner.


The victor will be decided based on the general quality, imagination and technical proficiency of their entire 300 paragraph story and not just the quality of their final round entry.


THE VOTING (Artists)


Artists will be asked to submit a single panel illustration which will be presented to the gamebook community. Peers will then vote for their favourite submission resulting in four semi-finalists.


Qualifying artists will be given one entry from one of the four qualifying stories of Round One. The artist will be required to interpret this entry as a single A5 panel illustration. Each semi-finalist will also be required to produce one A6 filler illustration.


A panel of industry judges (see above) will confer and select the two best artists. These finalists will be given an entry from the two qualifying stories of Round Two and will again be required to interpret the entry as a single A5 panel illustration.


Judges will select the winning artist from the two semi-finalists, basing their decision on the overall quality of all submissions and not just the panel submitted in the final round.


CRITERIA (Writers)


ROUND 1: submit a 100 paragraph 'first chapter' of your story which will be ongoing if you make it through to Round 2.


ROUND 2: semi-finalists will be asked to submit the next 100 paragraphs in their story.


ROUND 3: finalists will be asked to submit the final 100 paragraphs in their story (300 total).


CRITERIA (Artists)


QUALIFYING ROUND: Artists will be asked to submit a single black and white one panel illustration. All artists will illustrate a different concept.


ROUND 2: four qualifying artists will each illustrate one entry from one of the qualifying Round 2 stories). Each artist will also illustrate one A6 filler.


ROUND 3: two finalists will illustrate one entry from one of the round three stories.






Paul Gresty - author of Fabled Lands, The Serpent King's Domain, Arcana Agency and the Choice iof Games app, Metahuman Inc.


David Sharrock - professional writer of roleplaying games since 1998, David is the author of the Woven Paths gamebook Malice From the Middle Vale and the Lovecraft roleplaying game Strange Aeon.


Michael J Ward - author of the Destiny Quest gamebooks.


Paul Hardacre - Corehammer blogger and gamebook reviewer.


Edwin McRae - gamebook author and writer




Russ Nicholson - legendary gamebook artist (Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Fiend Folio, Warhammer, White Dwarf etc.


Malcolm Barter - professional illustrator of Forest of Doom, Citadel of Thieves and other iconic gamebooks.


Karl Richardson -2000AD, Judge Dredd and Warhammer illustrator.