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Please check through the Frequently Asked Questions below and ensure you are familiar with the terms and conditions of this competition. These FAQs will also be included in your Crimson Scribe application pack which you will receive when you sign up for the contest.


The contest is not yet open. Sign ups will begin on 1st February 2018. Join our mailchimp list to receive an announcement when the contest begins.


(General Questions)



What is Intellectual Property?


Glad you asked. Intellectual Property (IP) is something you have created which belongs solely to you. All competition entries must be 100% original and the IP must belong to you. We will immediately reject any story entry which resembles an existing story.


Ideas cannot be pinned as intellectual property but specific stories, names, places and characters most certainly can. Avoid reference to existing Fighting Fantasy books, or Lone Wolf locations. A fun nod to beloved characters and authors is fine and reference to popular culture is always entertaining, but respect the line between doffing ones' cap and outright stealing somebody else's ideas.


You will be solely responsible for ensuring your entry is original and any legalities arising from either knowingly or unknowingly using another person or company's intellectual property will rest solely with the contestant involved. Further information.


Will I retain copyright over my own writing or artwork?


Yes. However, in order to indemnify ourselves against possible legal ramifications you will retain copyright of your entry but we will also acquire limited rights to publish your work in the monograph and as free PDFs during the competition. You will be required to sign an agreement to this effect when you first sign up. We will in no way possess the right to republish your work in any way after the competition ends. Thereafter we will have no exclusive claim over your intellectual property or any derivatives thereof and you may do whatever you wish with your own work.


What is a monograph?


A term coined by Chaosium (makers of Call of Cthulhu) in the 90s and pertains to a gamebook or RPG supplement which is A4 format. Gamebook fans might recall Proteus and Warlock magazines, both of which could be classified as monographs. The Crimson Scribe monograph will follow the formats of both magazines very closely.


If my story/art appears in the monograph will I be entitled to profit shares?


The monograph will be sold at cost so there will be no profit shares. However, if your entry appears in the monograph, your story will be visible to a wider audience and you will be given full credit along with any personal details you wish to share with your audience.


If my work appears in the monograph, will I have copyright over the monograph?


No. We reserve the right to publish and republish the monograph on a 'print on demand' basis and manage sales thereafter through our own distribution channels.


How many times can I enter?


Only one submission per round, per entrant is allowed. If you enter the Artist aspect of the Crimson Scribe you may not also enter as a writer and vice/versa.




What genre can I write in?


You may submit any genre you like, but you must apply the Queen and Grandmother rule of thumb. If in any doubt about something you've written, ask yourself, would this be suitable material for your grandmother to read? If you have one of those boisterous, sweary grandmothers, use the Queen instead. In other words, avoid expletives, graphically descriptive violence and scenes of a sexual nature.


Is there a format for submissions?


Your submission must be presented like a gamebook - with the majority of numbered references providing various options and turn-to choices for the reader.


All entries must be submitted in English.


Each entry must be sent to us as a PDF. We cannot accept any other format.


Each entry must include your name, email address and the word count at the top.


Please spell-check, edit and play-test your entry before submission.


Can I include artwork?


No. You may not include character sheets, illustrated puzzles, maps or any other form of artwork. Your PDF entries must be purely text based.


If you make it through to the semi-final your story will be illustrated by artists in the Art Contest aspect of Crimson Scribe.


If my story is illustrated by an artist, will I collaborate with them?


No. The written and artwork aspects of the Crimson Scribe are entirely seperate until they converge at the end of the competition. Artists and writers will not collaborate.


What do I write for each round?


ROUND 1: an introduction text of no more than 400 words, followed by numbered entries 1 to 100 with a word limit of 7000 words (not including entry numbers, but including all other text and numbers you use). Your initial 100 entry story should end on entry 100, bringing the reader to a 'pinch point' where they can then proceed to the next 100 entries. Consider this akin to an episode, with entry 100 marking the end of one episode leading on to the beginning of the next. In all, and if your story makes it to the final round, there will be three episodes.


ROUND 2: entries 101 to 200, continuing your story from Round 1. Consider this episode 2 in the reader's ongoing saga. There is a word limit of 7000 for Round 2 and as with Round 1 you should end this episode on entry 200 where the reader can then proceed to the last 100 entries.


ROUND 3: entries 201 to 300, concluding your story from Round 1 and 2. Consider this the final episode in the reader's ongoing saga. Again the word limit is 7000.


Word counts?


An introduction with a word limit of 400 words, followed by three episodic entries each with a word limit of 7000 words (21,000 words overall). Entries exceeding this word count will be judged accordingly.


What will Judges be looking for?


A fun, entertaining and over-arching story which brings all three round entries together as a coherent single adventure (primarily). Thereafter judges will be looking for imagination, narrative skills and technical proficiency (which encompasses spelling and grammar so please switch on spellcheck). Playtest your entry thoroughly before submission as paragraphs that send the reader to the wrong paragraph will be judged harshly!


What game system can I use?


All entries will use the same game system which is a simple take on the tried and tested gamebook mechanic. Details will be provided with your entry pack, but in short there will be three simple attributes and combat will be based on the roll of 6 sided dice.


Who will see my entry?


ROUND 1: All entries will be uploaded as a free PDF to Drive Thru Fiction and Drive Thru RPG where they will be made freely available for anyone to download and read. We will then run polls on social media to garner opinions on the best four entries.


ROUND 2 - 3: Only the judging panels will see your second and third round entries during the competition but thereafter your story will be published in the final monograph and will be visible for anyone who downloads the monograph or purchases a physical copy.





Will both contest run at the same time?


Yes. Artists will submit their qualifying round entries as writers embark on Round 1 of the writing contest.


What format should I use to submit my entry?


Panel artwork should be produced as portrait A5 size (148mm x 210mm).


Filler illustrations should be produced as landscape A6 size (105mm x 148mm).


Both should be black and white and saved as png files with a resolution of no less than 300 DPI and no more than 400DPI. Please do not send Photoshop files. If your artwork is hand drawn you will need to scan to at least 300DPI in order to retain resolution.


Will you tinker with my artwork?


We reserve the right to adjust contrast brightness, saturation and hue where necessary in order to ensure print-quality artwork. No other adjustments or changes will be made by us.


Do I choose what to illustrate?


You will be given an entry to illustrate for panel artwork but you have free reign to design filler illustrations as you see fit.


Will I collaborate with writers?


No. The written and artwork aspects of the Crimson Scribe are entirely seperate until they converge at the end of the competition. Artists and writers will not collaborate.


What will judges be looking for?


Technical proficiency, imagination, composition and aesthetics. A sense of humour, ability to interpret the writer's narrative and unique style are also likely to impress judges.


Who will see my entry?


Your initial entry will be posted in the OSGR (Old School Gamebook Revival) Facebook group.


Thereafter, if you qualify for later rounds your work will appear in the published monograph.