The modern realm of Ereth, where the wyrmen huddle in their few prevailing kingdoms while the Fell creatures of the Abyss clamber free and claim the wild for their own.


Wyrd is a sprawling setting and system featuring many truly unique factors, including a one of a kind dice mechanic, combat system and a set of races, monsters, character classes and places never before seen in a fantasy RPG.


The basics will be familiar to veteran gamers but there's also a whole lot more that's new. We guarantee you've never seen or played anything quite like it!


Wyrd was three years in the making and brings to your game table a setting of unfathomable depth, with histories, folklore, locations, myths and legends too numerous to experience in one, or even a dozen campaigns. From the undead wastes of Tansys to the steampunk modernity of Skytor, the hive of evil that is Gungingeth, the elemental sorceries of Santun Morvagh and the druidic thaumocracies of the Tablemen of the Mountain. No small corner of Ereth is overlooked and no aspect of its epoch-spanning history is omitted.


"A setting of truly awesome scope, the only problem I had was deciding where to start. With it's feet bedded in traditional fantasy tropes, there's much here that seems strangely familiar, but it's all edged in twisted imagery and a place, a people and even a language that you'll believe was evolved, not invented."

Read online, no download needed

Wyrd System and Setting (free version)


Take a look before you download the full version. We've embedded the entire free version right here on our website so you don't have to worry about downloading.


Wyrd System and Setting full version


The full version includes the Elderune game system and everything you need to run your first game and create a character.


Chronicles of Yarnia, The Age of Thaw


The essential gazeteer serving the Wyrd system, includes extensive histories, myths, dates and some exceptional maps, plus a full key to locations and cities (most of which are also accompanied with maps and keys).


The Wyrd Pandemonium


The flora, fauna and fungal life forms found in the world of Yarnia. An essential title for the GM.



Fantasy meets in dark places in Wyrd, an epic sword and sorcery RPG


Enter Yarnia, world of the woven story whose intricate histories are entangled in the fabric of both reality and unreality. Above and below the strange planes of The Long Story Thus Spun lies that matrix realm known to the wyrmen of Ereth as The Wyrd. Therein dwell the beloved gods of the old world, beings of power upon the vibrant strands of the weft, and the grim gods of doom, evil and watchful in the voids of the warp.