A shelf-enhancing collection of classic horror and fantasy titles, complemented throughout with illustrations, literary essays and study notes. Rediscover a vintage era brought up to date for the modern reader.

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Book 1 in the Coffin Rock Collection

Author: Bram Stoker

Price: GBP £19.98

Details: US Trade paperback featuring 60 evocative black and white illustrations by Eli Pearce


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About this product

Bram Stoker’s gothic horror opus tells the story of Count Dracula, quintessential alpha vampire or myth and legend as he attempts to leave his Transylvanian home to establish a new life on English shores. Originally published in 1897, here the seminal story of the world’s most famous and terrifying vampire is presented anew and in an eye-catching new format. Featuring sixty dark and disturbing illustrations by artist Eli Pearce and two thought provoking essays by horror writer David Sharrock.

About The Coffin Rock Collection

Dracula is book one in the ‘shelf-improvement’ Coffin Rock collection, an anthology which breathes new life into a library of public domain classics.